Saturday, November 17, 2007


1. Ale, ale, ale Dearest Enemy
2. Alexander's Blitztime Band Miss Underground
3. All at once Babes In Arms
4. All dark people Babes In Arms
5. Allez-up The Garrick Gaieties II
6. Amarillo They Met in Argentina
7. And therely hangs a tail The Garrick Gaieties I
8. Angel Without Wings I Married an Angel
9. Animated Objects I Married an Angel (movie)
10. April Fool The Garrick Gaieties I
11. Are you My Love? Dancing Pirate
12. At the round table A Connecticut Yankee
13. At the Round Table A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
14. At the Roxy Music Hall I Married an Angel
15. At the Saskatchewan Betsy
16. Atlantic blues Lido Lady
17. Await your Love Chee-chee

18. Babes in arms Babes In Arms
19. Baby Bond A I'd Rather Be Right
20. Baby Stars Hollywood Party
21. Baby's Awake Now Spring Is Here
22. Baby's Best Friend A She's My Baby
23. Baby Wants To Dance Winkle Town
24. Ban In Every Man The Manhattan Melodrama
25. Bad Little Apple And The Wise Old Tree The Miss Underground
26. Barking Baby Never Bites A Higher and Higher
27. Bath And Dressmaking Sequence I Married an Angel (movie)
28. Beauty of another day The Lido Lady
29. Because we're young Follow Through (Film)
30. Better Be Good to Me Chee-chee
31. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Pal Joey
32. Big brother The Boys From Syracuse
33. Birds on hight Betsy
34. Black and White The Garrick Gaieties I
35. Black Diamond Hollywood Party
36. Blue Monday Higher and Higher
37. Blue Moon
38. Blue Ocean Blues Present Arms
39. Blue Room The The Girlfriend
40. Bottoms Up By Jupiter
41. Boy I Left Behind Me The By Jupiter
42. Britain's own ambassadors A Connecticut Yankee
43. Bugle blow Betsy
44. Bumper Found a Grand Halleluja I'm a Bum
45. Burning Hollywood Party
46. Bury Me No They Met in Argentina
47. Bye and bye Dearest Enemy

48. Cabarets The Girlfriend
49. Camelot Samba The A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
50. Cameo shoot Lido Lady
51. Camera Shoot She's My Baby
52. Can't You Do a Friend a Favor? A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
53. Careless Rhapsody By Jupiter
54. Cat Can Look At A Queen American's Sweetheart
55. Cause We Got Cake Too Many Girls
56. Charming, Charming Peggy-Ann
57. Cheerio Dearest Enemy
58. Chicago Pal Joey
59. Chuck it Lido Lady
60. Chuck it Peggy-Ann
61. Circus In On Parade The Jumbo
62. City Flat, A The Fifth Avenue Follies
63. College on Broadway, A Fly With Me
64. Color of Her Eyes The Spring Is Here
65. Colour of Her Eyes The Ever Green
66. Come Across American's Sweetheart
67. Come and tell me Peggy-Ann
68. Come and tell me Betsy
69. Come On, Men Simple Simon
70. Come Out Of The Nursery Simple Simon
71. Come with me The Boys From Syracuse
72. Coney Island Simple Simon
73. Comfort Me Winkle Town
74. Congratulations Winkle Town
75. Contrappunto They Met in Argentina
76. Convention The The Phantom President
77. Country Needs A Man The The Phantom President
78. Cradle of the deep Betsy
79. Crazy Elbows Present Arms
80. Creole crooning song The Girlfriend
81. Cup of tea A Lido Lady
82. Cup of Tea A (there's magic in the cup) Spring Is Here
83. Cutting the Cane They Met in Argentina

84. Damsel who done all the dirt The The Girlfriend
85. Dancing Lady Dancing Lady
86. Dancing Lady (#2) Dancing Lady
87. Dancing on the Ceiling Ever Green
88. Dancing on the Ceiling Simple Simon
89. Darling Will Not Grow Older Winkle Town
90. Dear June Halleluja I'm a Bum
91. Dear old Syracuse The Boys From Syracuse
92. Dear, Dear Ever Green
93. Dear, Oh Dear Chee-chee
94. Dearest enemy Dearest Enemy
95. Den of Iniquity Pal Joey
96. Diavolo Jumbo
97. Did You Ever Get Stung? I Married an Angel
98. Disgustingly Rich Higher and Higher
99. Do I Hear You Saying, "I Love You"? Present Arms
100. Do I Love You? Miss Underground
101. Do It the Hard Way Pal Joey
102. Do you love me, I wonder? The Garrick Gaieties I
103. Do You Notice Anything? The Fifth Avenue Follies
104. Do you realy mean to go Lido Lady
105. Doing a Little Clog Dance Ever Green
106. Dolores The Merry Widow
107. Don't Tell Your Folks Simple Simon
108. Down by the River Mississippi
109. Down by the Sea Present Arms
110. Dull and Gay Simple Simon

111. Easy to Remember Mississsippi
112. Elaine A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
113. Election The One Dam Thing After Another
114. Eleventh Dam Thing One Dam Thing After Another
115. Encantado They Met in Argentina
116. Evely, what do you say? A Connecticut Yankee
117. Ever-ready Freddie Lido Lady
118. Ev'ry Sunday Afternoon Higer And Higer
119. Ev'rybody Loves You I'd Rather Be Right
120. Ev'rything I've Got By Jupiter
121. Exercise Lido Lady

122. Face The Facts I Married an Angel (movie)
123. Falling in love with love The Boys From Syracuse
124. Farewell, O Life Chee-chee
125. Femme a Toujours Vingt Ans! La Ever Green
126. Finale, act one Dearest Enemy
127. Flower Garden of My Heart The Pal Joey
128. Fly Away To Ioway Hollywood Party
129. Follow on Betsy
130. Food for Scandal Fools For Scandal
131. Fools Meets Fools By Jupiter
132. For Jupiter and Greece By Jupiter
133. Four little songpluggers The Garrick Gaieties II
134. France Is Free Miss Underground
135. From Another World Higher and Higher
136. Full-brown roses Dearest Enemy

137. Gateway of the Temple of Minerva The By Jupiter
138. Gave Me Eyes American's Sweetheart
139. Gavotte Dearest Enemy
140. Get Your Man Miss Underground
141. Gigolo The Garrick Gaieties II
142. Gigolo One Dam Thing After Another
143. Girl friend The The Girlfriend
144. Girls do not tempt me Dearest Enemy
145. Girls, Girls, Girls! The Merry Widow
146. Give A Man A Job Hollywood Party
147. Give Her A Kiss The Phantom President
148. Give It Back to the Indians Too Many Girls
149. Give Me Just A Moment Love Me Tonight
150. Give this little girl a hand! Peggy-Ann
151. Glad to Be Unhappy On Your Toes
152. Go! Go! Benuti! The Show Is On
153. Good fellow mine The Girlfriend
154. Good old Harry Lido Lady
155. Goodbye, Lenny The Girlfriend
156. Guilding the Guild The Garrick Gaieties I

157. Hallelujah, I'm a Bum Hallelujah, I'm a bum
158. Hallelujah, I'm a Bum (#2) Hallelujah I'm a Bum
159. Happy Hunting Horn Pal Joey
160. Harlemania Ever Green
161. Havana Peggy-Ann
162. Have you met Miss Jones? I'd Rather Be Right
163. Hawaii Present Arms
164. He and she The Boys From Syracuse
165. He Looks So Good to Me The Hot Heiress
166. He Was Too Good to Me Simple Simon
167. Heart Is Quicker than the Eye The On Your Toes
168. Height-ho, Lackaday Dearest Enemy
169. Hello! Peggy-Ann
170. Hello! Hollywood Party
171. The Hollyhocks Winkle Town
172. Her Hair Is Black As Licorice Chee-chee
173. Here in my arms Dearest Enemy
174. Here She Comes She's My Baby
175. Heremits The Winkle Town
176. Heremits The Dearest Enemy
177. Here's a Hand By Jupiter
178. Here's a kiss Dearest Enemy
179. Here's Martin The Groom A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
180. Heroes in the Fall Too Many Girls
181. He's a winner The Girlfriend
182. Hey! Hey! The Girlfriend
183. His Chances Are Not Worth A Penny I'd Rather Be Right
184. Hight Hats The Fifth Avenue Follies
185. Hollywood Party #1 Hollywood Party
186. Hollywood Party #2 Hollywood Party
187. Homogeneous Cabinet A I'd Rather Be Right
188. Hot Blues Ever Green
189. How About It? American's Sweetheart
190. How can we help but miss you? Dearest Enemy
191. How Can You Forget Fools For Scandal
192. How to Win Friends and Influence People I Married an Angel
193. Howdy to Broadway Peggy-Ann
194. How's Your Health? Higher and Higher
195. Hum to The Girlfriend
196. Hunted Stang The Too Many Girls
197. Hunting Song Simple Simon
198. Hunting the Fox Simple Simon
199. Hymm to the sun A Connecticut Yankee
200. Hymm To The Sun A Connecticut Yankee (revival)

201. I Am A Prince Chee-chee
202. I beg you pardon Dearest Enemy
203. I Blow A Glad Good Day Chee-chee
204. I blush A Connecticut Yankee
205. I Can Do Wonders With You Heads Up!
206. I Can Do Wonders With You Simple Simon
207. I Could Write a Book Pal Joey
208. I Didn't Know What Time It Was Pal Joey (film version)
209. I Didn't Know What Time It Was Too Many Girls
210. I feel at home with you A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
211. I feel at home with you A Connecticut Yankee
212. I Gotta Get Back to New York Halleluja I'm a Bum
213. I Grovel to Your Cloth Chee-chee
214. I Had Twins The Boys From Syracuse
215. I Keep On Singing Mississippi
216. I Know You're too Wonderful For Me Winkle Town
217. I Like To Recognize the Tune Too Many Girls
218. I Married An Angel I Married an Angel
219. I must be going Lido Lady
220. I Must Love You Chee-chee
221. I need some cooling off One Dam Thing After Another
222. I Need Some Cooling Off She's My Baby
223. I Still Believe in You Simple Simon
224. I Wake At Morning Chee-chee
225. I Want a Man Winkle Town
226. I Want a Man American's Sweetheart
227. I Want a Man Lido Lady
228. I wish I were in love again Babes In Arms
229. I Won't sing a song A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
230. I'd Do It Again Halleluja I'm a Bum
231. I'd like to hide it Dearest Enemy
232. I'd like to take you home The Girlfriend
233. I'd Rather Be Right #1 I'd Rather Be Right
234. I'd Rather Be Right #2 I'd Rather Be Right
235. Idles of the king One Dam Thing After Another
236. Idles of the King The Garrick Gaieties II
237. If I Give in to You Ever Green
238. If I Were King Winkle Town
239. If I were you Betsy
240. If Widows are Rich The Merry Widow
241. I'll Always Been An Optimist Winkle Town
242. I'll Be A Star American's Sweetheart
243. I'll Never Share You Chee-chee
244. I'll Tell the Man in the Street I Married An Angel
245. I'm a Fool, Little One Present Arms
246. I'm A Queen In My Own Domain Hollywood Party
247. I'm Afraid Higher and Higher
248. I'm hard to please Follow Through (Film)
249. I'm One Of The Boys Hollywood Party
250. I'm so humble Peggy-Ann
251. I'm Talking to My Pal Pal Joey
252. Imagine Babes In Arms
253. In A great Big Way Chee-chee
254. In Califor-n-i-a American's Sweetheart
255. In his harms Peggy-Ann
256. In New Orleans The Girlfriend
257. In our parlot on the third floor back Betsy
258. In the Cool of the Evening Ever Green
259. In The Name Of The Art The Fifth Avenue Follies
260. Innocent Chorus Girls of Yesterday American's Sweetheart
261. Is It the Uniform? Present Arms
262. Is my girl refined? Betsy
263. Isn't It Romantic? Love Me Tonight
264. It Happened in the Dark Miss Underground
265. It Must Be Heaven Heads Up!
266. It Must Be Love The Merry Widow
267. It Never Entered My Mind Higher and Higher
268. It Never Happened Before Follow Through (Film)
269. It's Easy To Remember (a.k.a.Easy to Remember) Mississsippi
270. It's Got to Be Love On Your Toes
271. It's Pretty In The City Higher and Higher
272. It's quite enough to make me weep The Garrick Gaieties I
273. I've Got Five Dollars America's Sweetheart
274. I've Got That Hollywood Party

275. Je M'en Fiche du Sex Appeal! Ever Green
276. Jean's Magic Number Miss Underground
277. Joey looks into the Future Pal Joey
278. Johnny one note Babes In Arms
279. Joy Is Mine Chee-chee
280. Joy Spreader The The Garrick Gaieties I
281. Jupiter Forbid By Jupiter
282. Kangaroo Court Halleluja I'm a Bum
283. Kays to heaven The Garrick Gaieties II
284. Keep Away From The Moonlight Hollywood Party
285. Khonghouse Song Chee-chee
286. Kiss for Cinderella A Present Arms
287. Kitzen engagement The Betsy
288. Kohala, Welcome Present Arms

289. Labor Is the Thing I'd Rather Be Right
290. Ladies of the box office The Garrick Gaieties I
291. Ladies of the evening The The Boys From Syracuse
292. Ladies's home companion A A Connecticut Yankee
293. Lady is a tramp The Babes In Arms
294. Lady Luck Spring Is Here
295. Lady Must Live A American's Sweetheart
296. Lass Who Loved a Sailor The Heads Up!
297. Laught Jumbo
298. Laying the Cornerstone Halleluja I'm a Bum
299. Let's Sing a Song About Nothing Fools For Scandal
300. Lido lady Lido Lady
301. Life Was Monotonous By Jupiter
302. Life With Father By Jupiter
303. Life! Liberty! Higher and Higher
304. Like Ordinary People Do The Hot Heiress
305. Lilie, Lawrence and Jack The Fifth Avenue Follies
306. Lion King The Ever Green
307. Little birdie told me so A Peggy-Ann
308. Little Bit of Constitutional A I'd Rather Be Right
309. Little Dolores The Merry Widow
310. Little Girl Blue Jumbo
311. Little House in Soho A She's My Baby
312. Little souvenir A The Garrick Gaieties II
313. Living Buddha Chee-chee
314. Lolita They Met in Argentina
315. Look Out Too Many Girls
316. Love Is My Friend Pal Joey
317. Love Is Queen, Love Is King I Married an Angel (movie)
318. Love Knows Best Fools For Scandal
319. Love Me Tonight Love Me Tonight
320. Love Never Went to College Too Many Girls
321. Lovely Day for a Murder Higher and Higher
322. Lover Love Me Tonight
323. Lucio's Victorian Family Miss Underground
324. Lunchtime Follies Ye A Connecticut Yankee (revival)

325. Magic Music Simple Simon
326. Make hey, hey, while the moon shine One Dam Thing After Another
327. Man for Me The Love Me Tonight
328. Manhattan Winkle Town
329. Manhattan The Garrick Gaieties I
330. Manhattan Melodrama Manhattan Melodrama
331. Maxim's The Merry Widow
332. Maybe it's me The Fifth Avenue Follies
333. Maybe it's me Peggy-Ann
334. Me for you Heads Up!
335. Medicine Show The The Phantom President
336. Melody of the Laughter The Merry Widow
337. Memories Of Madison Sqaure Garden Jumbo
338. Men From Milwaukee I Married an Angel
339. Merry Widow Waltz The Merry Widow
340. Messieurs, Mesdames Miss Underground
341. Mike The Fifth Avenue Follies
342. Mimi Love Me Tonight
343. Modiste The I Married an Angel
344. Moon Of My Delight Chee-chee
345. More I See The Other Girls The Jumbo
346. Morning in midnight Lido Lady
347. Morning Is Midnight She's My Baby
348. Mornings at Seven Higher and Higher
349. Most Beautiful Girl In The World The Jumbo
350. Most Majestic Of Domestic Officials The Chee-chee
351. Mother Grows Younger Heads Up!
352. Mother, look, I'm an Acrobat Miss Underground
353. Mountain Greenery The Garrick Gaieties II
354. Mr. Dolan Is Passing Through American's Sweetheart
355. Muchacha The Merry Widow
356. Muchacha The Dancing Pirate ,
357. My Friend The Night Hollywood Party
358. My funny valentine Babes In Arms
359. My funny valentine Pal Joey (film version)
360. My heart is Shelba bound Lido Lady
361. My Heart Stood Still One Dam Thing After Another
362. My Heart Stood Still A Connecticut Yankee
363. My Heart Stood Still A Connecticut Yankee revival
364. My Idiot's Delight The Show Is On
365. My lucky star One Dam Thing After Another
366. My Lucky Star She's My Baby
367. My Man Is on the Make Heads Up!
368. My missus Betsy
369. My Pal Bumper Halleluja I'm a Bum
370. My Prince Too Many Girls
371. My Romance Jumbo
372. My Sweet American's Sweetheart

373. Never Go to Argentina They Met in Argentina
374. New York Number Miss Underground
375. No Bottom Mississippi
376. No Place but Home Ever Green
377. No, Mother, No By Jupiter
378. Nobody Looks at the Man Ever Green
379. Nobody Loves a Riveter The Hot Heiress
380. Nobody's Heart By Jupiter
381. North America Meets South America They Met In Argentina
382. Not So Innocent Fun I'd Rather Be Right
383. Nothing but You Higher and Higher
384. Nothing To Do But Relax By Jupiter
385. Nothing's wrong A Connecticut Yankee
386. Notorious Colonel Blake The Mississippi
387. Now I Believe American's Sweetheart
388. Now That I've Got My Strength By Jupiter

389. Off the Record I'd Rather Be Right
390. Oh Diogenes! The Boys From Syracuse
391. Oh, Gala Day, Red-Letter Day Chee-chee
392. Oh, Look! Spring Is Here
393. Oh, So Lovely Simple Simon
394. Old enought to love Winkle Town
395. Old enought to love Dearest Enemy
396. On a desert island with thee A Connecticut Yankee
397. On a Desert Island With Thee A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
398. On with the dance The Garrick Gaieties I
399. On Your Toes On Your Toes
400. Once I was Young Fools For Scandal
401. One A Day Winkle Town
402. One dam thing after another One Dam Thing After Another
403. One of us should be two Betsy
404. One Who Yells the Loudest Is the Captain The Miss Underground
405. Ongsay and Anceday Heads Up!
406. Otto's Elephant Song Miss Underground
407. Otto's German/English Song Miss Underground
408. Over And Over Again Jumbo
409. Owl Song Chee-chee

410. Pablo, You Are My Heart Mississippi
411. Paris is realy divine Peggy-Ann
412. Paris is realy divine One Dam Thing After Another
413. Peggy, Peggy Peggy-Ann
414. Peter Pan Simple Simon
415. Pipes of Pansy The Dearest Enemy
416. Pipes of Pansy The Peggy-Ann
417. Pipes Of Pansy The She's My Baby
418. Pipes of Pansy The The Girlfriend
419. Plant You Now, Dig You Later Pal Joey
420. Play Boy Heads Up!
421. Poor Apache The Love Me Tonight
422. Pots The Hollywood Party
423. Pottawatomie Too Many Girls
424. Prayer Hollywood Party
425. Prayers of Tears And Laughter Simple Simon
426. Pretty little lady One Dam Thing After Another
427. Push around Betsy

428. Quartette Number Miss Underground
429. Queen Elizabeth The Garrick Gaieties II
430. Quiet Night On Your Toes
431. Rags and Tatters Simple Simon
432. Red Hot Trumpet Spring Is Here
433. Reincarnation Hollywood Party
434. Rhythm The Show Is On
435. Rich Man! Poor Man! Spring Is Here
436. Roll Mississippi Mississippi
437. Roses of Arizona The The Garrick Gaieties II

438. Sandwich man The A Connecticut Yankee
439. Send for Me Simple Simon
440. Sentimental Me The Garrick Gaieties I
441. She Could Shake the Maracas Too Many Girls
442. Ship Without a Sail A Heads Up!
443. Shortest day of the year The The Boys From Syracuse
444. Shuffle Betsy
445. Shuffle One Dam Thing After Another
446. Simpatica They Met in Argentina
447. Simple life The The Girlfriend
448. Simple Simon Instep The Simple Simon
449. Since I Remember You Winkle Town
450. Sing Betsy
451. Sing for your supper The Boys From Syracuse
452. Sing Glory Hallelujah Simple Simon
453. Singing a Love Song Chee-chee
454. Six little Kitzels Betsy
455. Six little play The Garrick Gaieties II
456. Sky City Heads Up!
457. Sleep, Weary Head Chee-chee
458. Sleeping Beauty Halleluja I'm a Bum
459. Sleepyhead Lido Lady
460. Smart People She's My Baby
461. Softer than a kitten Follow Through (Film)
462. Soliciting subscriptions The Garrick Gaieties I
463. Somebody Ought to wave a Flag The Phantom President
464. Somebody said The Garrick Gaieties II
465. Someone should tell me A Connecticut Yankee
466. Son of a Gun Is Nothing But a Tailor The Love Me Tonight
467. Song Of The Roustabouts Jumbo
468. Soon Mississippi
469. Spic and Spanish Too Many Girls
470. Spring in Vienna/Milwaukee I'd Rather Be Right
471. Spring Is here I Married An Angel
472. Spring Is Here (In Person) Spring Is Here
473. Stage Manager Chorus The Garrick Gaieties I
474. Stenewall Moskowits march Betsy
475. Susie The Fifth Avenue Follies
476. Swallows The She's My Baby
477. Sweet Geraldine American's Sweetheart
478. Sweet Peter Dearest Enemy
479. Sweet Sixty-Five I'd Rather Be Right
480. Sweetenheart Simple Simon
481. Sweethearts of the Team The Too Many Girls

482. Take and Take and Take I'd Rather Be Right
483. Take Him Pal Joey
484. Tartar Song The Chee-Chee
485. Tarts In Ermine American's Sweetheart
486. Tell It to the Marines Present Arms
487. Tell Me I Know How To Love I Married an Angel (movie)
488. Tempt Me Not Too Many Girls
489. Ten Cents a Dance Simple Simon
490. Tennessee Dan American's Sweetheart
491. Tennis champs The Garrick Gaieties II
492. Thank You In Advance Chee-chee
493. That Terrific Rainbow Pal Joey
494. That's Love Nana
495. That's the Rhythm Of the Day Dancing Lady
496. That's the Song of Paree Love Me Tonight
497. There is he- Theodore K. Blair The Phantom President
498. There's a Boy in Harlem Fools For Scandal
499. There's a Small Hotel On Your Toes
500. There's a Small Hotel Jumbo
501. There's a Small Hotel Pal Joey (film version)
502. There's So Much More American's Sweetheart
503. This can't be love Jumbo (film)
504. This can't be love The Boys From Syracuse
505. This Funny World Betsy
506. This Goes Up She's My Baby
507. This Is My Night to Howl A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
508. This Is Not Long Island Spring Is Here
509. Thou swell A Connecticut Yankee
510. Thou swell A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
511. Three B's The On Your Toes
512. Three Musketeers The The Garrick Gaieties I
513. Tiny flat near soho square A Lido Lady
514. To Keep My Love Alive A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
515. Tonight Or Never American's Sweetheart
516. Too Good for the Average Man On Your Toes
517. Too Many Girls Too Many Girls
518. Town hall tonight The Girlfriend
519. Trampin' along Peggy-Ann
520. Treaty My Sweety With You A I'd Rather Be Right
521. Tree in the park A Peggy-Ann
522. Try again tomorrow Lido Lady
523. Try Again Tomorrow She's My Baby
524. Turkey in the strow The Girlfriend
525. Twinkle in Your Eye A I Married an Angel
526. Two of a kind The Girlfriend
527. Two to Eleven Lido Lady
528. Two Unfortunate Orphans American's Sweetheart
529. Two-a-Day for Keith On Your Toes

530. Vendor Song The Miss Underground
531. Vilia The Merry Widow
532. Wait Till You See Her By Jupiter
533. Waiting for the Leaves to Fall Ever Green
534. War is war Dearest Enemy
535. Wasn't It Great? She's My Baby
536. Way out west (On west end avenue) Babes In Arms
537. We can't be as good as last year The Garrick Gaieties II
538. We Just Dance And Sing I'd Rather Be Right
539. We Just Sing And Dance I'd Rather Be Right
540. We pirates from weehawken Peggy-Ann
541. Wedding procession Peggy-Ann
542. We'll Be the Same America's Sweetheart
543. We're Going to Balance the Budget I'd Rather Be Right
544. We're Gonna Raise Hell Spring Is Here
545. We're Man Of brain Chee-chee
546. We're on the Track They Met in Argentina
547. What a Girl! Spring Is Here
548. What can you do with a man? The Boys From Syracuse
549. What Do You Want With Money? Halleluja I'm a Bum
550. What is a man? Pal Joey
551. What is it? The Girlfriend
552. What's the use? Lido Lady
553. When I Go on the Stage She's My Baby
554. When I Saw Him Last She's My Baby
555. When We Are Dancing The Waltz The Dancing Pirate
556. Where Can the Baby Be? She's My Baby
557. Where or when Babes In Arms
558. Where the Hudson river flows Dearest Enemy
559. Where's that lillte Girl? The Fifth Avenue Follies
560. Where's that rainbow? Peggy-Ann
561. Who are you? The Boys From Syracuse
562. Whoopsie She's My Baby
563. Why Can't I? Spring Is Here
564. Why Can't I? Jumbo (film)
565. Why do I? The Girlfriend
566. Why Do You Suppose? Heads Up!
567. Why Have You Eyes? I Married an Angel (movie)
568. Widow Is A Lady A The Merry Widow
569. Widows are Gay The Merry Widow
570. With a Song in My Heart Spring Is Here
571. Woman Needs Something Like That A Love Me Tonight
572. Women Jumbo
573. Women Are Women I Married an Angel
574. Word in Edgeways A Spring Is Here
575. World Is My Oyster The I'd Rather Be Right

576. You Ain't Got No Savoir Faire American's Sweetheart
577. You Always Love the Same Girl A Connecticut Yankee (revival)
578. You Are Hollywood Party
579. You Are Both Agree Chee-chee
580. You Are Nearer Too Many Girls
581. You are on the Lido now Lido Lady
582. You are so fair Babes in arms
583. You Are Too Beautiful Helleluja I'm a Bum
584. You are what I need A Connecticut Yankee
585. You are what I need She's My Baby
586. You Crazy Little Things Miss Underground
587. You have cast your shadow on the sea The Boys From Syracuse
588. You Mustn't Kick It Around Pal Joey
589. You Never Say Yes Spring Is Here
590. You Took Advantage of Me Present Arms
591. You're the Cats The Hot Heiress
592. Yours Sincerely Spring Is Here
593. You've Got the Best of Me They Met in Argentina
594. You've Got to Surrender Heads Up!
595. Zip Pal Joey

Later when I have time, I’ll be doing a new list from The Complete Lyrics of Lorenz Hart

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